Monthly Archives: August 2015

At One With a Beautiful World


A walk in the country

my friends all around

The rustlin’ of leaves

the only sound

I’ll come to a brook

where I’ll rest for spell

and know that on Earth

all is well.


I am one who believes in dreams,  they are a reality I go into with  my eyes closed.  Each night before I close my eyes I fill my head with happy thoughts and beautiful pictures I find on Face Book…yes I am a fan.

Here in this place of  Pickadream I post only happy things, there is no talk of politics, there is no judgement, there is love of…people, our beautiful world and of course. animals. 

I am inviting you to come with me on my journey into a happier place.   Along the way I will borrow things from other sites … only positive things. 

My promise to you is “There will be no conflict here, only beauty.”