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fantasy ocean1170955_210363142460118_1885852201_nThis has been a busy two and a half months for me and I have to tell you I’m excited.  I’ve partnered with a wonderful wellness company and began the journey to my better and healthier life.

Two years ago last October I was introduced to a brand new way of thinking and it has changed my life considerably.  To be honest I think I’ve always been on this path but had no road map to follow.  I was visiting my son in Tennessee when I ended up in the hospital.  Remember the big power outage we folks, in Connecticut, had that year?  Well midway through I flew to Tennessee.  I lost power early Saturday morning and flew out on Wednesday.  The combination of freezing for four days and flying did me in.  Diagnosis was dehydration which can be a serious problem for anyone but more complicated for someone my age.

The shift took place when I returned to my son’s home.  He gave me a book called Cruise Ship or Nursing Home co-authored by Dr.Ben Lerner.  I read it from cover to cover that same night.  I was hooked on changing my life.  I started the next day and have maintained it to this day.  Live and eat the way God intended.  The mission of Maximized Living is  based on the belief that God designed our bodies with the ability to heal itself, of disease, if not interfered with.  The more I looked into it the more convinced I became I had to change my lifestyle starting with what I put in my mouth  I found a Maximized Living Chiropractor, Pro Health Chiropractic in Manchester, and began my journey.  I began by eliminating all processed foods.  Once I realized what was being added to the food I wanted to throw everything out but being a World War 2 child I was taught people were starving and it would be a sin.  I came to the decision that I was not wasting it  because mostly what I was getting rid of was chemically altered.  What I now refer to as poison.  I can honestly tell you my health has never been better.  I was overweight by approximately fifty pounds and crippled to the point of being unable to even get myself up out of a  chair without the help of a crane.  I am now  three pounds shy of my BMI and have no symptoms of fibromyalgia and the arthritis is hardly noticeable.

This leads me to my present adventure.  Once I detoxed my body it  made sense to detox my home thus beginning my journey to look for better alternatives  to the poisonous products I was buying.   It is amazing what you will learn when you begin reading labels and researching ingredients that manufacturers are putting into our cleaning products and yes even our personal hygiene products. As I did with the processed foods I did with the poison cleaning products that I’ve used all my adult life.  Threw them in the trash and replaced them with child-safe and food-safe products.

I found a company that is based on the same principles as Maximized Living.  A company whose mission is “To Enhance the Lives of Those We Touch by Helping People Reach Their Goals”.

My ultimate goal with both this company and Maximized Living is to share what I’ve learned with everyone I meet…some will join me and some won’t but I’ll enjoy the friendships and my journey either way.