Daily Archives: April 16, 2014


216918_10151071727569213_1049007614_nAs a great grandmother of twenty-five I am concerned  they won’t enjoy the beauty and health of our beautiful planet Earth.  Her bloodstream is filled with toxic chemicals, her surface is riddled with a cancerous growth and the introduction of industrial waste into her is increasing daily and is creating havoc to her system.  Her resources are becoming depleted and I don’t believe we are doing enough to heal her.

There have been programs initiated to control the pollution but as we move forward the situation is becoming worse.  I wonder if we had more respect for Her in years past.  Recycling is now a priority but are we trying to build a better mouse trap when the one we had many years ago worked?

When I was growing up our recycling process was working like a well oiled machine.  Empty a bottle (glass) of milk return it and reuse it.  More often than not shoppers made their own grocery totes out of grain bags, for that matter many of the dresses I wore were made out of the same grain bags.  There wasn’t much waste because we were basically frugal out of need.  Paper bags were used to cover school books, masks for children.  They were made by cutting holes for the eyes and drawing mouths and noses on them.  Plastic was only an idea and if ever there were leftovers we stored them in glass containers.

There are efforts taken to resolve the problem but I fear it isn’t enough.  Large chemical manufactures are not only polluting Her but us as well.  If we don’t take action soon it may be too late.  Heart Disease, Cancer and Obesity are named as the top health issues in the United States but I disagree.  I think Greed and the Love of Money is the true enemy that is threatening our lives and the life of our beautiful planet.

As an individual I can only share my opinion.  That’s what this is.  I do not buy anything plastic, I do not eat food created in a manufacturing plant and I’ve done away with toxic cleaning agents in my home.  There are many people of the same mind and it is my aim to reach them.

My favorite way to spend the day is outside with Nature and it is my mission to preserve it so my children’s children’ s children can enjoy the peace and serenity of a beautiful earth as I do.